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The Electric Vehicle Association of Aotearoa acts as an independent voice for its members, providing a fair and honest authority for managing manufacturer, supplier and end-user relations; supporting innovative research and work that may aid in the uptake of electric vehicles; providing guidelines for acceptable standards; and promoting the use and demand for electric vehicles by supplying information on the use and merits of driving electric to both central and local government, corporates and the general public of New Zealand.

Providing a singular entity to best represent the EV community, especially when required to address the media or government.

Accurate and refined source of learned information to clarify misconception and support EV uptake.

Supporting the needs of EV drivers throughout the country, advising on consumer issues and lobbying government.

Maintaining independence is important. We will work closely with partners but the association will always remain transparent.

The strength of EVAA lies in its members and by gathering support from EV owners across the country we will have more impact when it comes to representing you.

We're looking for partners and sponsors. If this sounds like you and you would like to be part of the exciting EVAA community please get in touch.